The Kayak: Glide effortlessly across the water taking in the panoramic views of the Southern Alps, glaciers, and untouched Jurassic rainforest reflected on the glassy waters of Lake Mapourika. Paddle into the heart of the Okarito Kiwi Sanctuary, exploring the protected area with your knowledgeable guide.
Glacier Country Kayaks Price $105 – Save $10!
Skydive Franz is one of only nine skydiving companies to make the Red Bull list of the Most Insane Places to Skydive in the World. Skydive amongst mountains, glaciers, lakes, rivers and ocean views.

The Jump Options:
Skydive Franz offers four jumps:
19,000 ft with 80 seconds freefall $559
16,500 ft with 65 seconds freefall $419
13,000 ft with 45 seconds freefall $319
9,000 ft with 20 seconds freefall $249
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