Editorial Policy

Welcome to Glacier Kayaks! I’m Jack Rivers, and I’m dedicated to providing you with accurate, engaging, and trustworthy content about kayaking, especially in colder climates. Here’s an in-depth look at the editorial policy that guides all the content on this blog.


The purpose of Glacier Kayaks is to offer reliable, detailed, and insightful information about kayaking in icy and snowy environments. My goal is to help fellow kayakers enhance their skills, stay safe, and discover the best cold-water kayaking spots.

Content Creation

I personally handle all content creation on Glacier Kayaks to ensure that everything you read comes from my firsthand experience and genuine passion for kayaking. The topics I cover include:

  • Safety tips for cold-water kayaking
  • Gear reviews and recommendations
  • Detailed guides on the best kayaking spots in colder regions
  • Techniques for kayaking in snow and ice
  • Personal kayaking adventures and stories
  • Interviews with other kayaking enthusiasts and experts

Research and Accuracy

Accuracy is crucial. I dedicate a significant amount of time to researching each topic to ensure the information is current and reliable. I cross-reference multiple sources and use my own extensive experience to provide the most accurate content possible. If there’s a topic outside my expertise, I consult with other industry experts to bring you the best insights.


Transparency is a core value here at Glacier Kayaks. I provide honest reviews and recommendations based on my personal experiences. If a post includes affiliate links or sponsored content, I disclose this information upfront to maintain trust and credibility with my readers.

Ethical Standards

I adhere to the highest ethical standards in my writing and content creation. This means:

  • Respecting intellectual property rights and providing proper attribution when using external content or ideas.
  • Ensuring all reviews and recommendations are unbiased and based solely on their merits.
  • Avoiding conflicts of interest by maintaining independence from companies and brands I review.

Community Engagement

I value the community of kayakers who visit Glacier Kayaks. Your feedback, comments, and questions are important to me. I strive to create a respectful and welcoming environment where everyone feels comfortable sharing their thoughts. Comments are moderated to prevent spam, abuse, and inappropriate content, ensuring a positive experience for all readers.

Corrections and Updates

I am committed to maintaining the accuracy of the information on Glacier Kayaks. If I discover an error in any of my posts, I promptly correct it and update the content. Additionally, I periodically review older posts to ensure they remain relevant and up-to-date. If you spot an error or outdated information, please let me know so I can address it.