10 Best Kayak Milk Crates Ideas – Interesting Storage Solutions

Kayaking is a very interesting activity for more than just giving you the opportunity to paddle in just a bout any type of water. As a physical and recreational activity, it can either be a hobby on its own or a supplement that enhances other activities making them better and more optimal. This makes it a very versatile thing to do and something to try in more than once scenario.

One more thing that makes kayaks so popular is the fact that they can be rigged with various types of interesting and exciting gear/equipment. Depending on what you expect from your paddling session, there is a lot that can be done to improve the optimality and performance of your craft. A lot of this comes in the form of specialized gear that you bring, but also storage solutions to keep everything in.

Kayak Storage Solutions

Kayak storage solutions come in a few different varieties, but not all of them are equally applicable to every kayak and to every situation. Some kayaks have watertight hatches that keep things inside dry. There are bungee tie-down cords that keep things nice and safe, but open to the elements. The most common thing is open storage on the deck, most of which is usually present behind the paddler in the stern of the kayak.

The stern storage area is nice and open, usually molded in a way that allows various different items to easily fit. Most paddlers, especially fishermen and hunters, opt for bags, coolers, and boxes to store their gear. However, there is one more thing that can be used, milk crates. While it may sound weird at first, a milk crate is actually one of the best solutions for equipment but also things that need to be cold for longer periods.

About Milk Crates as Storage Units

Milk crates are large, sturdy plastic boxes that are traditionally used to transport milk bottles from the dairy farm to the retail store. They are typically square or rectangular in shape and have a series of holes or slots on the sides and top for ventilation. Other than their original use, milk crates are also commonly used for storage, as they are strong and durable, and can hold a variety of items.

Some people use milk crates for organizing and storing items in their homes, garages, or basements. In recent years, milk crates have also gained popularity as a makeshift seat or storage solution for kayaks and other watercraft. There are several different types of milk crates, each with different features and applications.

1. Standard

These are the most common type of milk crate and are typically made of a durable plastic material such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE), the same material used for kayak hulls. They are square or rectangular in shape, with a series of holes or slots on the sides and top for ventilation. Standard milk crates are the usual option for kayak storage.

2. Stackable

Stackable milk crates are designed to be stacked on top of each other, allowing for more efficient storage and organization as well as space saving. They may have interlocking edges or other features to help keep them securely stacked. These are also applicable in kayaks, but you must manage to find the right model for your kayak.

3. Collapsible

Portable Storage

Just like collapsible boxes, these milk crates are made to be easily folded down for easier storage when not in use. They may be made of a lightweight and flexible material, such as nylon or canvas. While not as sturdy or effective at cooling like some other, they favor mobility and ease above everything else.

4. Insulated

These milk crates are designed to keep items cold or hot, and are often used to transport perishable items such as dairy products or prepared food. They may have a layer of insulation, such as foam, and may be lined with a reflective material to help maintain temperature. Standard and stackable varieties can also be insulated, and often are.

5. Reusable


Finally, reusable milk crates are meant to be used multiple times rather than being disposable. Truth be told, quality crates for kayak use are not single-use anyway. Reusables are generally made of a more durable material like stainless steel and may have features such as reinforced corners or handles to make them easier to carry.

The best kayak crate would be one that is reusable, insulated, and either standard or stackable. This combination of features has all it takes for a kayaker to properly take care of their gear as well as the kayak itself. It may be an investment but a milk crate like that is sure to last for many years.

Milk Crate Ideas

As you know by now, milk crates on a kayak can be used in many ways and it is actually a very interesting and creative thing to think about. A lot can be done and here are some of the best ideas to use one in your paddling vessel.

As Storage

as a storage

In general, overall, milk crates can be used to store all sorts of gear, and a paddler needs a lot of gear on any day out. Basic gear includes things such as paddles, life jackets, and snacks, but also a clean set of clothes and some survival items. It would be best if you can keep it in an easily accessible location on the kayak, which is where the crate comes in.

As a Seat

as a seat

Some kayakers use milk crates as makeshift seats since they do not have a dedicated seat to offer. Either by attaching them to the kayak or using them as standalone seats, it is a good way to have a comfortable place to sit down. This is particularly useful with sit-on-top kayaks where the seats can easily be swapped out.

As a Cooler

A milk crate can be used to hold a small cooler, or as a cooler on its own. It can be used to store drinks or food that needs to be kept cold for a long day out. On top of this, it can also hold fish that the kayaker catches so that it stays fresh for longer.

As a Tackle Box

Kayak Milk Crate Tackle Box

Fishermen often use milk crates to hold their tackle boxes, or as a tackle box. Due to its size and versatility, it provides a convenient and secure storage for lures, hooks, and the rest of the essential fishing gear.